Irene Domínguez


What’s your name?
Irene Domínguez.

And your promotion?
I was an Aerotec student of the 110th promotion of the year 2004 in Madrid.

Where do you work nowadays?
I am a pilot at Air Europa. After working for years as a private jet pilot and as an Iberia pilot, now I fly a 737. And I have a base in Madrid, near home!

What did you like the most about AEROTEC?
They have the best flight instructors and head trainers in the entire country, seriously!

What do you like the most about being a pilot?
The trips, the freedom, the sights, to be your own boss at the cockpit (if you’re a commander), this profession has it all!

Out of all the things that you learn at AEROTEC, which one has helped you the most at your job?
All the flight lessons were important to me, and the simulator helped me a lot in order to get the hang of the cockpit.

Which advice would you give to other pilot students?
Don’t give up, go ahead and follow your dreams. And to the rest of the pilot girls out there, I say: go for it! There are more of us with each passing day!

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