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Our Team

The main responsible of our quality training is our staff, without whom all the material and operational means of the most advanced technology we own would be useless in order to provide our students with the required levels of training.

For this purpose, AEROTEC draws, exclusively, on active professionals of their respective specific fields, to whom the Spanish Aeronautical Authorities and European Aeronautical Authorities (Joint Aviation Authorities, J.A.A), constantly request their contribution as consultants of the many rules to be enacted.

Most of our theory instructors have received several appreciations for their curriculum and experience on behalf of the State of Spain and the European Union. The qualifications of these teachers go from Airlines Pilots, up to Air traffic controllers,Engineers, Medical Doctors, Lawyers, Meteorologists, etc. All of them count on professional experience in Aeronautical Training. including.

The flight and simulator instructors who are part of the staff of AEROTEC are pilots of the most requirable qualifications for the modular training they are responsible for.

The minimum hours of flight in order to give lessons is of 200 hours in single-engine aeroplanes and a total of 500 hours in twin-engine aeroplanes.

80 % of the instructors who train the students of AEROTEC at least double that minimum of required hours.

A 90 % of our instructors of advanced levels and examiners have developed or are developing their profession in the most prestigious air carriers that operate in Spain.