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AEROTEC 25th Anniversary

AEROTEC celebrates one quarter century of existance this year 2018. For 25 more years learning to fly with you!

AEROTEC Pilot School was funded on the year 1993 in Cuatro Vientos, Madrid. We have expanded to the rest of Spain since then. As of now, we have trained more than 2000 pilots and flew more than 400.000 flight hours in our fleet and simulators. We have plenty of reasons to celebrate! That’s why we organized an event on Friday the 1st of June 2018  at the RACE gardens in Cuatro Vientos, Madrid.

These are the images that this event created, and here are the videos that we used in order to conmemorate this date:

AEROTEC and the dream of flight

AEROTEC anniversary ceremony

We hope that you enjoyed these videos, and that we will be able to be with you 25 more years!