Quienes somos

Social Corporate Responsibility

Here at AEROTEC, we’re aware of the fact that we have only been able to survive for more than a quarter century thanks to the society we live in. This is our way to show gratitude


AEROTEC pilot school has been following for years a series of social corporate responsibility measures in order to strengthen the links between our school and the community we live in, in order to give back to society a part of all it has gave us, going beyond the mere strictly legal duties.

We are not an NGO, we are a business and as such, we want profits, and we don’t want to fool anyone nor ourselves by claiming that our business is some kind of embodiment of a higher lofty ideal. However, we honestly believe that said search of profits, common to every business, can be done on a more humane, better manner. And since this is a family business, run by human beings, we cannot afford to isolate ourselves from the travails of our community.

So, what does it means for us to do things right?

  • Compromise with teaching and academic excellence.  Here at AEROTEC we don’t want ATOS to become “pilot factories”. We believe that education, rather than being a mere rubber stamp process, is a process of personal excellence. Hence why we go beyond the minimum theoretical training required by law, and that’s why we also reward our best students with grants. We firmly believe on a meritocratic education, and that a society works better when said education rewards self-improvement and hard work.
  • Compromise with our ecosystem. AEROTEC process all the waste created by aircraft maintenance, recycling components, securing oils and chemicals in order to avoid spills, and filtering all our waste. In addition to that, AEROTEC has phased out physical books in favor of digital e-books, online textbooks and tablets, in order to avoid wasting paper.
  • Compromise with the weakest members of our society.  AEROTEC is an active partner of AMAPA, the asociation of friends, fathers and mothers of Algete’s handicapped people, and SAFAMISTAD, a non-profit asociation devoted to children education. If we can help our neighbors, we will do it.


All these small acts are what defines us.