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Airline Transport Pilot
Integrated Course

Our Airline Transport Pilot Integrated Course is addressed to candidates with no prior flight experience. All the qualifications that airline carriers currently demand to be part of their recruitment processes are obtained thanks to it, in compliance with the European EASA rule

Requisites: Being 17 year old or more, pass medical CIMA tests.

Duration: 2 year of intensive course.

Course options: 1650 theory hours, 170 flight hours, 95 simulator hours.

Opciones del curso:

  • 245 hours option. 170 flight hours, 75 simulator hours.
  • 205 hours option. 150 flight hours, 55 simulator hours.

Said course includes the following licenses:

  • Private Pilot License (PPL).
  • Commercial Pilot License (CPL).
  • Instrument Rating (IR).
  • Single Engine (SE) and
  • Multi Engine (ME) Rating.
  • Theoretical Airline Transport Pilot. ATPL (A).
  • International Radiotelephone Operator Rating.
  • Multi-Crew Coordination Course (MCC) Certification.

Our agreement with Swiftair airlines: AEROTEC pilot school has an agreement with Swiftair, Spain’s biggest airline cargo operator. Thanks to this agreement, in case Swiftair needs to hire new pilots, they will search for them first amongst AEROTEC students, being the ones called at their selection process.

Flight instructor scholarships: Every year, AEROTEC pilot school offers scholarships to the best students of our ATPL course, that is, those bright few who manage to pass all the 14 Civil Aviation Authorities tests on their first or second attempt on a 4-month period after the finalization of the theoretical phase of the course.

Said scholarship will pay half of the cost of their Flight Instructor (FI) course, which will allow these students to obtain an official EASA FI license. After that, AEROTEC will offer them a job as fully-fledged flight instructors.

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