Aerotec buys Cirque du Soleil tickets for members of the AMAPA NPO

Another chapter in our longstanding collaboration with the AMAPA nonprofit

AMAPA is a nonprofit, nonguvernamental organization located in Algete that aims to empower and integrate persons with disabilities

This Christmas, Aerotec pilot school will buy tickets for the Cirque du Soleil for all the members of AMAPA, Algete’s Association of People with Disabilities, their friends & family members.

That’s why our CEO, Adolfo Marqués, wanted to give our Christmas present in person during the previous weekend.

This action is part of our comprehensive corporate social responsibility policy, which ensured a collaboration with AMAPA that stretches back more than one decade.

Year after year, we have always given a Christmas donation to AMAPA, a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization that has been helping and empowering people with disabilities by providing them with social and therapeutic support.

We sincerely hope that the members of AMAPA will enjoy this year’s Christmas present and that this fruitful partnership may be sustained for many years to come.

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