Alberto Lobato


What’s your name?
Alberto Lobato.

And your promotion?
Promotion 118 of the year 2017.

Where do you work nowadays?
I work as an Airbus A320 first officer in Wizzair, after flying an ATR at Canair (part of the Binter group).

What did you like the most about AEROTEC?
Quality teachers, each one is an expert in their respective field, and you could tell that they all loved and knew their stuff.

What do you like the most about being a pilot?
It is a cliche at this point, but since my first flight at AEROTEC until this very day, each flight is unique, each day you learn something new, there is always a new challenge.

Out of all the things that you learned at AEROTEC, which one has helped you the most at your job?
I learned lots of technical and non-technical things at AEROTEC, but if I had to choose a single one above the rest, I would point out the CRM lessons during the MCC. It is something that you apply every day both inside and outside the cockpit, even on a personal level.

Which advice would you give to other fellow pilot students?
The syllabus might overwhelm you at first, but little by little, you will overcome everything thanks to daily work, Trust me on that!

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