You can now obtain your UPRT license at AEROTEC

AEROTEC has just been authorized by EASA in order to teach UPRT instruction

UPRT instruction (Upset Prevention and Recovery Training) will be a vital part of a pilot’s training

Upset prevention and recovery training

AEROTEC pilot school has just received official EASA authorization in order to give UPRT instruction that would allow its students to obtain a UPRT habilitation (Upset Prevention and Recovery Training) on their flight licenses.

Said UPRT training prepares the pilot to deal with unexpected flight situations, allowing them to recover the aircraft’s stability from “anomalous positions”, teaching pilots how to stay calm and react in this type of situation.

In order to accomplish that, AEROTEC has given specific UPRT training to its instructors, we have adapted some of our aircraft for that type of maneuvers, equipping them with additional instruments such as G-meters, and obtaining the required certification.

We are happy to be able to give this particular type of instruction because it follows our teaching doctrine, for we believe that pilots should be prepared to deal with all types of real flight situations, and they should be dealt with from the cockpit of a real aircraft, not a simulator.

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