Promising start of AEROTEC’s integration program for people with general learning disability

Co-jointly developed with Madrid’s Complutense University, the newest addition to our corporate social responsibility program wants to help people with learning disabilities

Carlos Garrido has finished his 120 hour internship at AEROTEC, working side by side with our employees

Carlos Garrido has been our intern and part of our administrative staff for the past month, a key player in our new program of work integration for people with general learning disability, co-developed along with Madrid’s Universidad Complutense.

This program is the latest addition to our social corporate responsibility framework, and it consist of 120 hours of internship within our offices. During these last 30 days, Carlos was welcomed by our staff in Cuatro Vientos, as he helped us in our administrative tasks.

This has been an enriching experience for both parts involved, and we’re happy to have had such a dedicated intern. This initiative is our humble contribution to the pledge of the people with learning disability and other neurodevelopmental disorders, in the hope that we’re able to ease their introduction to our job market.

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