Our next ATPL promotion will begin on the 19th of October

The presentation of the course will be a couple of days earlier: on Friday the 16th in Madrid and Thursday the 15th in Seville

We have taken every measure in our hand in order to ensure a safe environment for all our students

ATPL course

AEROTEC pilot school next ATPL course will begin on the 19th of October in both of our two bases, Madrid and Seville. The presentation of each promotion will be done a bit earlier, on the 16th of October in Madrid, and the 15th of October in Seville.

Initially, the lessons will be following a remote learning model in order to minimize physical contact and ensure maximum safety for our students, while at the same time, allowing for real-time interaction between the teacher and the classroom. In-person lessons will be reinstated as soon as the contagion rates go down in the regions where our two bases are located, meaning Madrid and Seville.

As for flight practice, it will continue with no interruption or whatsoever, since there will be no more than two persons per aircraft. We have also instated a tracking system that will allow us to know which student is flying with which flight instructor, in order to be able to prevent and manage any possible outbreak.

We aim to fulfill two objectives with those measures: That our students can start their classes without fearing contagion, while at the same time the social dimension and learning excellence of our ATPL courses could be preserved even amongst this “new normal” situation.

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