Avion Revue awards us with the Excellence in Aeronautic Training price

Our pilot school has been awarded by Avion Revue with its excellence price 2022 in the Aeronautic Training cathegory

The prestigious aircraft magazine has bestowed us this title as a recognition of our more than 30 years devoted to training pilots

What a great start for this year 2023: This Monday, Avion Revue International awarded us with its Excellence price 2022 in the Aeronautic Training Category.

Each year, this prestigious 40-year-old magazine publishes its “best of the year” issue, revising the most important news and actors of the year in our aeronautic sector.

Here at Aerotec, we are honored to receive this award, especially due to the reasons behind it: it is not merely a question of our actions in the past year 2022, but rather our whole trajectory for the last 30 years, since we open up in 1993.

We have been ahead of the curve in the past, introducing innovations in the Spanish pilot schools such as our excellence scholarships, and being one of the first Spanish schools authorized for imparting UPRT and PBN courses.

And make no mistake, we intend to stay ahead of the proverbial curve in the immediate future, starting with becoming the first Spanish schools to adopt the new Tecnam P-Mentor aircraft in our fleet during this year 2023, and the incorporation of our new Entrol EN-1000 simulator.

That’s the reason behind the beaming faces of our presidents in the picture: in an age of news bites and shock value, it feels good to have your long-term work recognized.

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