Aerotec celebrates its new ATPL course presentation ceremony

On Friday the 8th of October we celebrated our first ATPL course presentation since the pandemic started

Grad students received their hard-earned wings, the best of them also got their scholarships, and they were the ones in charge of welcoming this year’s freshmen into our pilot school

Aerotec pilot school

The past Friday the 8th of October Aerotec celebrated at the Cuatro Vientos gardens its first ATPL course presentation in two years since the pandemic started.

The ceremony reunited different groups of students: graduated pilots received their wings. Meanwhile, the brightest amongst them received their scholarship diplomas and were the ones tasked with introducing this year’s freshmen into our pilot school, giving them their logbooks that they will have to fill with flight hours during the next two years that will last their commercial pilot course.

The event was received enthusiastically amongst our students and their families, with a joyous ambient and perfect weather that allowed us to enjoy the cocktails at the gardens. A day to remember that brings back our much-desired normalcy, along with more involvement with our students.

We hope that this will be only the first out of many celebrations to come! If you wish to check out all the pictures of our event, you can do it so in our Facebook page at these two links:

Link 1 to our ATPL course 2021 presentation.

Link 2 to our ATPL course 2021 celebration.

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