Wamos Air’s director of operations will give a conference at Aerotec

One of the first "flights" of our pilot school 30 anniversary will be the conference of Wamos Air's director of operations

The conference will be on the 8th of February at 16:00hrs in our Cuatro Vientos Base, and it will be about airline operational structure

One of the first “flights” or events organized in order to celebrate Aerotec’s 30-year anniversary will be a conference that will take place on the 8th of February at 16:00 hours in our Cuatro Vientos base.

Said conference will be open for attendance, and it will be done by Victoriano de Miguel Calvo, Wamos Air’s operations director, which will explain how an airline operate, a matter of great interest for those students without prior working experience looking forwards to knowing what will their immediate superiors ask from them.

We believe he is the best person to give a such talk, for he is in charge of Wamos Air’s operational safety, flight tracking, pilot scheduling, and company procedures. Not only he will talk about all those subjects, but he will open a round of questions at the end of the conference in order to answer all the doubts of our public about how an airline work.

We hope for it to be of interest to everyone involved, especially to those who want to work at an airline at some point in their lives.

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