Wamos Air signs agreement with AEROTEC in order to receive PBN training

We forecast that more than 150 Wamos Air pilots will train in our Entrol A32 simulator

This is the only EASA-certified simulator in Spain authorized to be used in PBN instruction

Wamos Air airlines (previously known as Pullmantur Air) and AEROTEC pilot school have signed an exclusivity agreement on which AEROTEC will take care of Wamos Air’s pilots PBN instruction.

Both business estimates that AEROTEC might end up giving service to more than 150 Wamos Air pilots during the entire duration of the accord.

Said instruction is a necessary step in order to adapt the pilot licenses of  active pilots to the new changes in aeronautic directives, which now require possessing PBN knowledge. Performance Based Navigation requires a very specialized training and thus, it wasn’t part of the APTL syllabus until this very last year, hence the need to update the licenses of veteran pilots.

So in the same vein that said PBN course is already open for any pilot who wants to take personal initiative in doing it so, now that service is also available for those airlines and business who wish to train their crew on PBN.

Performance Based Navigation is, after all, a very recent addition to the APTL syllabus, and AEROTEC is currently the only Spanish pilot school with an EASA certified simulator fit for PBN instruction.

PBN training

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