Vicente Cortes

Aerotequeros por el mundo

Estudiante de AEROTEC Madrid

What’s your name? Vicente Cortes

What is your promotion? I belong to the unforgettable AEROTEC’s 40th promotion, I started my studies on October of the year 2001.

Which aircraft do you pilot? Boeing 737-800NG.

Whare are you working now? I am currently a Ryanair commander located on Madrid.

Do you like Madrid? Of course, it is always a privilege to be able to work in the same place where I was born and raised.

What AEROTEC’s aspect did you liked the most? The patience and good trait that flight instructors and teachers dispensed us.

What do you like the most of your current pilot’s life? To be able to flight an airplane, turning my passion into my job!

Which advice would you give to those pilots which are starting their studies?  That they should study a lot and always try to be ahead of the studies and their aircraft. And above all, to never give up, it will be hard, but in the end an aircraft’s cockpit full of passengers will be waiting for them!

Of all the things that you have learnt in AEROTEC, what has been the most useful for your job? A swift, seamless instrumental flight operation, which is what every airline selection process is all about, really.

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