The European Training Symposium takes place in Madrid

AEROTEC was present at the world’s most important aeronautic training event

Said symposium took place during the 6th and 7th of November at Madrid’s Marriot Hotel

Our president Tomas Marques was invited to assist as a representative of AEROTEC pilot school to the world’s largest aeronautic training symposium, the European Airline Training Symposium or EATS, which took place at the Madrid’s Marriot Hotel this year 2081.

Said event had a record attendance of nearly 900 of the global airline training community. Breaking all records, the total attendance was 31% up from its previous year, and reunited 85 of the world’s leading airlines. It’s worth noticing that this is not a yearly event, it only takes place when there’s enough demand for it. Its mere existance is the direct consequence of how much pilot-hungry airlines are nowadays.

That was in fact, the main theme of this EATS summit. Time, cost and efficiency of pilot training were also discussed, but the evidence was insumourntable: the key in order to solve the current pilot shortages lies on pilot training, first and foremost.

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