Swift Air makes its pilot selection process at Aerotec

It’s the first Spanish airline that has hired pilots since the pandemic started

This selection process took place at Aerotec’s advanced simulators of our Madrid base


Swiftair has chosen Aerotec’s advanced simulators at our Cuatro Vientos base (located in Madrid) in order to make their pilot selection tests. This way, Swiftair has become the first Spanish airline to hire new pilots since the pandemic started, a dose of good news motivated by the company’s excellent position in the air cargo business, one of the few thriving sectors during the previous year.

This is but the latest chapter of a decade-long collaboration between Aerotec and Swiftair. These two companies have been associates, and their relationship means, among other things, that Swiftair will always give priority to Aerotec’s old students when searching for new pilots. And needless to say, we are happy to see our partners grow.

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