Ryanair successfully presents its cadet program at AEROTEC

Ryanair gives its first conference at AEROTEC

Ryanair visited AEROTEC Madrid the past 27th of September

Ryanair came over AEROTEC Madrid on the 27th of October in order to present its cadet programme among our students. The presentation was a success among its audience, young pilots eager to know the labor market before they finish their studies.

The presentation revolved around the worker profiles that the European Airlines are searching for. Veterancy and flight hours are not as important as they used to be, for airlines are looking for younger types, but a high level of English and good performance at the simulator tests are vital.

Ryanair also took the chance to explain in detail their cadet program, which consist on a sponsored Boeing 737 type rating programme, a clear upgrade of the older working conditions. Here at AEROTEC, we hope that said upgrade is just a sign of the things to come.

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