Our next ATPL course will begin on the 7th of October

Our next ATPL course will begin on the 7th of October

An opening ceremony in Cuatro Vientos will mark the beggining of the course for our new batch of ATPL students

Aerotec’s new airline transport pilot course (ATPL) will begin with an official opening ceremony that will take place on the 7th of October at 16:30 hrs at Cuatro Viento’s air club gardens. Friends and family members of our students are invited to attend it, as well as our teachers, workers, and flight instructors.

This event not only will mark the beginning of the new course, but it will also serve as a graduation party for those veteran students from our 136, 137 & 138 promotions that have successfully concluded their theoretical exams.

They will be the ones that will welcome our new students into the fold, and they will be the ones who finally receive their cherished pilot wings.

Needless to say, our ATPL course is still open for inscription. If you wish to become a pilot with our school, you only need to write us at comercial@aerotec.es, or fill out the form at the end of this page.

We will be waiting for you!

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