Our new Entrol En-1000 simulator is now online

A next generation FNTP-II simulator with PBN capabilities

The new Entrol En-1000 is now online and fully operative at our Cuatro Vientos base

Last week our brand new Entrol En-1000 flight simulator went online at our Cuatro Vientos base. Once more, we put our trust in the Spanish manufacturer, thanks to our good past experiences operating their Entrol A32 simulator during our MCC courses.

The En-1000 is an FNTP-II simulator that recreates a Garmin 1000 cockpit, which makes it ideal for familiarizing our students with instrumental and multi-engine flight, prior to their actual real experience with that type of aircraft. On an educative level, the characteristics of this simulator make it especially useful due to its versatility, helping us during both our modular courses PPL, CPL, IR & PBN, as well as during our ATPL integrated course.

This latest acquisition is part of our modernization strategy during the 30-year anniversary of our pilot school, which adds up to our new P-Mentor aircraft. After all, if we have lasted for 3 decades, that has been thanks to adapting to change, rather than staying the same.

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