Julián Rodríguez Cremaes

Aerotequeros por el mundo

Jefe de flota ATR de Air Europa

So, what’s your name?
Julián Rodríguez Cremaes.

Which year did you joined AEROTEC?
I studied at AEROTEC Malaga’s 69th promotion.

Where are you working nowadays?
I am an ATR commander at Air Europa.

And where do you live?
In Madrid.

What did you liked the most about AEROTEC?

I loved their seriousness and flexibility when it came to their flying schedule. I actually landed on every single airport of the centre and South of Spain during my training.

What is the thing that you like the most about your current life as a pilot?
Every day is different from each other, once you come home you will have learn something new.

Which advice would you give to those who are striving to become pilots?
Be constant, update yourself day by day, absorb all the knowledge that you can from both your flight instructors and your teachers on land.

Of all the things that you learnt in AEROTEC, which one has been the most useful for your current job?
Almost everything that I have learnt in AEROTEC I have putted it on practice, but I am specially thankful for the MCC course, which basically teaches you how to operate on a professional airline environment.

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