Javier Martin Coleman

Aerotequeros por el mundo

Estudiante de la promoción 94 de AEROTEC Madrid

What’s your name and promotion?
My name is Javier Martin Peñasco Coleman, but since there are so many “Javieres & Martines” people call me Coleman :) and many more unspeakable names! I studied at AEROTEC’s 94th promotion

On which company and post are you working right now? Which aircraft do you fly?
I am currently flying a Boeing 737-800 at Ryanair.

Where are you working right now? Do you like that place?

I am working at Palma right now, a great place to be working at during summer! I work on Madrid during winter, which is my hometown, so I can see my friends and family and my cat too (that’s important!). Palma is a wonderful city too!

What do you like the most about AEROTEC?

I can assure you that everything was perfect: Teachers, classmates and directors.

What’s the thing that you love the most now that you’re a pilot?
It has its ups and downs, like everything else. I love how it is a demanding job, I love flying but most of all, I love to see my dream come true.

Of all the things that you have learnt at AEROTEC. What was the most useful for your “real life” job?
The fact that work has its reward, and AEROTEC’s teachers and instructors are a living example of it.

Which advice do you have for the pilots that just started studying?

Work and perseverance, everything bear its fruits with time. There will be better and worse times both in the personal and the professional side, but the most important thing is to keep on going, keep on learning, and go for it!

Also AEROTEC has a scholarship program, that’s a great opportunity for gaining experience and keep learning after you finish your studies!

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