Javier Marqués Ganter


David Casas Casas Arruti de uniforme

What’s your name?
Javier Marques Ganter.

And your promotion?
I am a student of the 110-111th promotion of the year 2014.

Where do you work nowadays?
I am a co-pilot at Swiftwair, currently flying the Boeing 737.

What did you like the most about AEROTEC?
The good vibes among classmates!

What do you like the most about being a pilot?
Flying, of course. But also the possibility of traveling to different countries and knowing different cultures.

Which advice would you give to other pilot students?
Work hard, for this is a privilege. And enjoy!

Out of all the things that you learn at AEROTEC, which one has helped you the most at your job?
My flight instructor job taught me how to fly with different people of every age and stripe. This is something that will help you a lot in your airline job, because you will fly with a different pilot almost every single day.

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