Iberia airlines starts new pilot hiring process this year

Iberia frenetically searches for new pilots amidst global pilot shortage

No prior flight experience required

Iberia, Spain’s flagship airline, have started to search for new pilots. The reason behind this frantic search for new workers lies on their new Airbus A320neo and A350-900, which will enlarge their fleet.

This hiring process backdrops against a global pilot shortage, hence the sense of urgency: The first tests will begin as early as the 18th of October this year. Everyone who is interested in this new selection process can read its requirements, dates and conditions on this link. In short, Iberia wants pilots with ATPL(A) frozen EASA FCL and MCC, plus an OACI level 4 English certificate, no prior flight experience needed.

Here at AEROTEC we consider this to be incredibly good news, which confirms the strength of the aeronautic Spanish sector, and we wish good luck to all the pilots who will take part of this process.


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