Gustavo Fernández López & Fernando González Díez

Aerotec students around the world

Gustavo Fernández López & Fernando González Díaz at an Iberia cockpit

What’s your name?
We are Gustavo Fernandez López and Fernando González Díez

And where are you working at?
Fernando: I’m currently working in Iberia, but I used to be a Ryanair pilot.

Where are you living right now?
Fernando: I am living in Madrid, next to my family. I’m a lucky one!

What did you liked about AEROTEC the most?
Fernando: The theoretical classes with professors like Blanca. Every single teacher has tons of experience.

What do you like the most about being a pilot?
Fernando: It’s a far more comfortable life than what many people thinks. It’s really fun, seriously!

What would you say to the people who wants to become a pilot like yourself?
Fernando: You guys are really lucky, this is a very good moment for starting your career. Take this chance and run with it!

What is the thing that you learnt in AEROTEC that you have founded to be most useful in your work?
Fernando: Flight briefings and generally talking, the entire flight operations of AEROTEC. It is quite similar to how real airlines work.

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