Famed pilot Michel Gordillo will give a conference at Aerotec on the 29th

He is a skilled test pilot with a series of record-breaking flights under his belt and a ton of passion for flying

The conference will take place on the 29th of May at 16:00hrs in our Cuatro Vientos Base

Michel Gordillo, aviator, and adventurer, will be giving a conference on the 29th of May at 16:00hrs in Aerotec’s Cuatro Vientos base, as part of our 30-anniversary celebrations.

Michel Gordillo started his career as a member of the Spanish air forces, and after working in Iberia, he became one of the most famous test pilots in the country, known for his flight records and skills. He was the first person to complete the Madrid – Winsconsin route on an ultralight aircraft, and the first Spanish pilot to fly the entire globe with a self-made aircraft, the experimental MCR01.

His most recent accomplishment has been to become the first aviator that crossed both the North and the South pole on an aircraft weighing less than 1500 Kg, as part of the Sky Polaris initiative, a project devoted to measuring the impact of carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

As you can see, we will have a true aviation legend amongst us which could have easily come straight out of a Netflix tv series.

Would he belonged to any other nationality, he would probably be famous by now, but since that is not the case, here at Aerotec we will be honored to spread awareness about his feats, hence why the conference will be open for assistance to the general public, instead of being restricted for our own students.

If you have ever wanted to know more about the most experimental and romantic area of flying, this will be your chance!

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