Ellas Vuelan Alto & AEROTEC join forces in order to improve gender equality among pilots

AEROTEC pilot school and EVA (Ellas Vuelan Alto) have signed a collaboration pact in order to increase the number of female pilots and women in our sector

The aeronautic business has an acute gender imbalance problem that we are determined to address

On the 4th of April 2019, AEROTEC pilot school and the women NGO Ellas Vuelan Alto signed a cooperation agreement at the Center for Technology Development in Madrid.

Tomás Marqués, AEROTEC president, and Teresa Busto, president of Ellas Vuelan Alto, started what we hope to be a renewed push for gender equality at the aeronautic world.

We are painfully aware that, despite our best efforts, our sector suffers from acute gender imbalance: Only 3,5% Spanish pilots are female. This reality has to change, and this action is our first step in order to do it so.

Thanks to this agreement, both associations will collaborate on the political, academic, social and business fields by developing projects that will help to increase female pilot visibility and representation.

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