David Casas Casas Arruti


David Casas Casas Arruti de uniforme

What’s your name?
David Casas Casas Arruti (yep, you say it twice!)

What is your student promotion?
104 promotion of October 2013.

Where are you currently working at?
I am currently working at Iberia and living in Madrid, and I used to work as a flight instructor at AEROTEC in Madrid as well.

What did you like the most about AEROTEC?
The quality of the theoretical instruction, imparted by on duty professionals (commercial Iberia and Air Europa pilots, air traffic controllers, meteorologists, etc).

What do you like the most about working as a pilot?
Our great office views, and the fact that each day is different from each other, you will always find something new. And of course, the pleasure of flight. Yes, you might have to sleep outside of home a couple of days, but that isn’t a big deal.

What would you like to say to those who wants to start at the pilot business?
Start already! This is a  really great moment, there’s a lot of movement in the biz and lots of opportunities in every sector: Executive aviation, general aviation and commercial aviation!

Out of everything that you have learn at AEROTEC, what has helped you the most at your daily job?
I have received a good deal of useful advice from my teachers and flight instructors at AEROTEC, but working as a flight instructor myself has helped me to gain the type of maturity and professionalism that is greatly appreciated inside airlines.

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