All our employees passed the second round of COVID-19 tests

There are currently no active cases in our school

AEROTEC pilot school’s staff has passed the second round of fast COVID-19 tests

COVID 19 fast tests

AEROTEC pilot school made a second round of fast COVID-19 tests to all its employees.

All our flight instructors, teachers, administrative personnel, aircraft manteinance personnel, and board of directors were subjected to said tests, no exceptions were made. The result of this testing campaign was zero active infections, and two cases of people with antibodies, that is, individuals who overcame the illness in the past and are currently free from the virus.

AEROTEC wants to ensure the highest welfare and safety for all our employees and students, and thus, avoid a new pandemic surge. We consider this to be a central part of our social corporate responsibility, and the bare minimum we can do.

We believe that in order to achieve this goal, it is imperative to keep passing periodical tests, in addition to all the usual measures: social distancing, hand sanitizer use, temperature checks, disinfection with ozone machines, and mandatory mask use.

Safety and risk management are paramount for us, let it be while operating our aircraft or dealing with the pandemic. This is something that there is in our aeronautic DNA, for we understand that there’s no conflict between safety and economic activity: Our economic activity depends on the safety that we can ensure for both our customers and workers.

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