AEROTEC’s new aircraft lands safely at Cuatro Vientos airport

Said aircraft it’s the TECNAM P2006T, a state of the art twin engine equipped with Garmin 1000

AEROTEC pilot school welcomes its most modern airplane


AEROTEC’s most modern aircraft landed safely on Cuatro Vientos landing strip on the 12th of July 2019 at 21:20 hours. Said aircraft is a Tecnam P2006T registration code EC-NEQ. A twin engine airplane equipped with state of the art Garmin 1000 navigation system. After a 6 hours flight from TECNAM’s factory in Casoria, Italy, it was welcomed by AEROTEC’s leaders.

This is the first step of our fleet renewal program, which has prioritized instrumental navigation and PBN maneuvers, hence the need for the latest Garmin 1000 system. We plan to buy more new airplanes on the following years depending on the performance of this new model and the market’s demand. Seeing how the number of pilots is growing each passing year, we seem to be on track with that goal.

You can watch the complete image gallery here.

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