Aerotec will celebrate its anniversary on June the 30th

Aerotec will celebrate its anniversary on June 30th

The ceremony will take place on June 30th at 12:00hrs in Cuatro Vientos, where our pilot school will celebrate its 30th birthday

Our pilot school is happy to celebrate more than 3 decades of existence with an event that will take place on June 30th at 12:00 hours in the Roman estate of Cuatro Viento’s air club, located at the civil part of the airport (you can view the exact coordinates in the map at the bottom of this article). Said event will be attended by our students, employees, friends, collaborators, and instructors, past and present. All of them are invited to share the joy of more than 30 years at the service of pilot training since our school was founded in Madrid back in the year 1993. During the ceremony, we will gift awards, remember all our workers that have made our success possible, and of course, we will enjoy food and drinks with all our prized guests.  We will be looking forward to toasting with you for these marvelous three decades and for 30 more years teaching future pilots how to fly!
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