AEROTEC supports its students against inflation

AEROTEC supports its students against inflation

Our pilot school will temporarily suspend its inflation price revision clause in order to avoid rising prices for our students

AEROTEC pilot school will temporarily suspend its inflation price revision clause present in all our contracts in order to avoid putting additional financial strain on our students. Said clause stipulates a trimestral revision of monthly payments in case prices go beyond an inter-annual 3% increase.

However, the recent month’s price uptake has been way higher than the one stipulated in our contract. If we would apply this clause, we would need to rise the payment quotas substantively.

Even if that would be a completely legal and pre-agreed action from our part, we are aware that our students and their families are already under financial strain in order to pay for their studies, hence why AEROTEC has chosen to not apply the aforementioned clause, despite the general increase of prices in all the aeronautic sector, from spare parts to fuel, engines, airport taxes, and almost every single thing you need in order to fly an aircraft.

AEROTEC has been paying for the economic costs of this measure for months, and we have communicated it to our customers, which will see up to a 10.8% increase in prices this year, but not from our school.

We are sure that pilot training costs will keep rising, and prices of pilot schools like ours will eventually rise as well, but AEROTEC will still do whatever is in our hands in order to shield our students from that economic circumstance.

So we are thankful for your confidence in choosing AEROTEC.

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