Aerotec puts solar panels on its roof

Aerotec puts solar panels on its roof

There is no better time to support renewable energy

Our pilot school has decided to make a step forward towards reducing CO2 emissions by installing solar panels on our Cuatro Vientos base roof. Our pilot school now has an installed capacity of 10 kilowatts, which allows us to generate an average of 7,5 Kw/hr.

Our goal is to cut our dependence on fossil fuels, and thus, reduce our carbon footprint. We know that this is a long-term goal, for it is impossible to fully cut off petrol in the aviation industry, even if that is precisely Airbus’s goal,  which is the reason behind its first hydrogen-powered aircraft designs.

However, general aviation has fewer alternatives than commercial aviation, so it is not easy for us to pull off that kind of grand-scale transition. But we are determined to cut our emissions thanks to initiatives like this one, and the modernization of our fleet, which comes with more efficient low-emission engines.

No matter if we fly big commercial aircraft or small airplanes devoted to pilot training, we can all make our part in order to help our planet.

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