AEROTEC presents its new ATPL promotion

The ceremony took place on Wednesday 11th of October at Cuatro Vientos’s gardens

Our old students received their pilot wings, while our new recruits received our welcome

AEROTEC Pilot School trew a welcome party for the new promotion of its Airline Transport Pilot Integrated Course students on Wednesday the 11th of October.

These new students were more numerous than previous years, and they were welcomed by their veteran counterparts, which bestowed them their logbooks. If the newcomers wants to earn their gallons, they will have to fill up their logbooks first!

In the other hand, the veteran students received their pilot wings as a culmination of their studies and years of training, while the best of their class were awarded with a diploma and a flight instructor scholarship. Said scholarship will pay for their flight instructor course and thus, will allow them to complete one of the oldest courses that ever existed: From pupil, to master.

In short, this was an emotive and massive event that connected two different pilot generations, and that allowed us to share with our friend and acquitances the emotion and wonder of our pilot careers, leaving us with great memories and pictures that we hope that you will enjoy as well.

You can see the photo gallery at Facebook, or download it in HD from  Dropbox.

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