AEROTEC pilot school will celebrate its 25th anniversary the 1st of June 2018

AEROTEC pilot school has set a date in order to celebrate its 25 years of existence

This event will take place at 18:30 hours at the RACE’s gardens on the Cuatro Vientos airport, Madrid

Save the date for our 25th anniversary: Friday the first of June 2018, at 18:30 hour at the RACE’s gardens, located at the civil zone of the Cuatro Vientos airport in Madrid.

All our friends, past, present and future, all our instructors, teachers, old students, collaborators, every curious would be pilot is invited to celebrate with us our more than a quarter century of existence. Along this ceremony we will share with you speeches, awards, photocall, videos, fond memories, and of course, aperitifs and drinks.

We will be eagerly waiting for you, and we remind you that our 25th anniversary celebrations have just begun. There will be more news to come in the following months, so stay tuned! ;)

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