Aerotec has been authorized to impart MCC APS courses

Aerotec has been authorized to impart MCC APS courses

A far more exhaustive preparation for those students who are about to enter an airline

Our pilot school has received authorization from the state air safety agency (AESA) to perform MCC APS (Air Pilot Standard) courses.

Said course is a variant of the MCC (Multi Crew Cooperation Course), much more jet-oriented and thus, quite appreciated amongst those pilots that are about to enter the selection process of an airline.

The MCC APS also offers a far more exhaustive formation than the regular MCC, for it has 40 hours of flight in our Entrol A32 simulator,  based on the Airbus A320. All those hours are taught by MCCIs, who specializes in that type of training. The structure and duration of the course allow for better assimilation of the lessons, as well as offering a far more personalized experience for the students.

In addition to that, Aerotec will have an exclusive offer for all the students of our school that wish to upgrade their regular MCC to the new MCC APS.

If you are interested in our MCC APS course, you can sign up by writing us at, or by filling the form on this very article, or just by visiting our school in person.

We hope that this new course will be of interest to all those cadets that have just started their pilot studies.

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