AEROTEC begins its new JOC course on its new A320 simulator

AEROTEC Pilot School has already started its first JOC courses (Jet Orientation Course) aimed at those pilots who wish to prepare thoroughly for the airline personnel selection processes. In order to provide the most realistic experience, all these course will be taught in our brand new Entrol A320 simulator.

The course has a total of 10 instruction hours distributed among 5 simulator sessions 2 hours long each, plus a flight briefing before each session.

The new generation of Entrol A32 simulator has arrived to AEROEC Pilot School, and is now fully operational. Its first missions will be to aid our students of the Jet Ortientation Course.

Said course consist in 8 hours of theory and 10 flight hours in our advanced simulator FNTP-II MCC Airbus A320. It was created in order to help aspiring pilots to be able to pass the airline’s personnel selection processes.

People interested on such course can contact us by email at comercial@aerotec1.bestwebs.dev, or call us by phone at +34 915080359. Good luck and good flights to all of you!

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