AEROTEC becomes an official Tecnam maintenance center

Our part 145 workshop receives Tecnam’s blessing in order to become an official maintenance center

AEROTEC is now allowed to revise, repair and provide in-house maintenance to all the Tecnam aircraft of its fleet


AEROTEC pilot school has finally been recognized by aircraft manufacturer Tecnam as an authorized maintenance center.

Said certification allows us to revise, repair, and provide in-house maintenance to all Tecnam’s models of our fleet, meaning Tecnam P2008 & Tecnam P2006T. Said models are the most modern part of our fleet, and we expect their numbers to grow as we update and modernize our aircraft.

Now that we have direct access to our aircraft’s builder, AEROTEC can deal with any maintenance incidence, thus allowing us maximum availability for our aircraft, for flight hours are not only a matter of the number of airplanes but also of how their condition is.

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