Pilot School
We are the oldest private aeronautical training center (ATO) in Spain. Founded in Madrid in 1993,
AEROTEC Pilot School has trained more than 2000 pilots throughout its bases located in Cuatro Vientos and Seville

Our Courses

At AEROTEC Pilot School you will find the best study plan adapted to your specific training needs.

Airline Transport Pilot Integrated

This course is intended for candidates with no prior flight experience. All the qualifications that airline carriers currently demand to be part of their recruitment processes are obtained thanks to it, in compliance with the European EASA rule.

Private pilot course

Our private pilot course is addressed to candidates with no flight experience who aim to act as Pilot-in-command or Co-pilot in non-remunerate flights, with an aim at sports or leisure, obtaining the Private Pilot License (PPL) at its completion.

Drone Pilot Course

Our Drone Pilot course is addressed to candidates with no prior flight experience who wish to obtain an official license in order to work as UAV operators up to 25 Kg of weight, in commercial, leisure or professional flights inside EU territory.

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