On the 8th of October Aerotec will celebrate its first ATPL presentation in two years

High vaccination rates allow us to celebrate the first opening ceremony of our ATPL course since the pandemic started  Graduated students will receive their pilot wings and welcome into our school the new freshmen that will begin their course on the 13th of October Aerotec pilot school AEROTEC pilot school will celebrate its first post-pandemic […]

Record monthly flight hours reached in our Cuatro Vientos base

Not only Aerotec has become the pilot school with the highest number of flight hours in Cuatro Vientos during May, but also the one with the highest number of operations Good weather, extensive maintenance, and flight planning, as well as the fleet’s renewal, are the main factors behind this record. Monthly flight hour record at […]

First music video contest for Aerotec’s students and instructors

Film your favorite flight with Aerotec and mix it up with your favorite tune! Winners will be awarded extra A32 simulator hours! Flight music video AEROTEC pilot school presents its first music video contest. All our students and instructors will be able to participate in the said contest by filming our aircraft and mixing it […]

Aerotec’s next ATPL course will begin on the 4th of May

Aerotec’s new Airline Transport Pilot Integrated Course (ATPL) has been scheduled for this Spring and will start on the 4th of May 2021 Its first students have already secured their spots by paying their matriculation fees ATPL AEROTEC pilot school is happy to announce the date for its Spring Airline Transport Pilot Integrated Course (ATPL) […]

We have celebrated the first virtual inauguration of our ATPL course

Said inauguration took place this Friday 16th of October at 16:00 hours Dozens of new students logged in order to be welcomed by our teachers and school president ATPL presentation AEROTEC pilot school celebrated its first virtual ATPL inauguration. The ceremony took place on Friday 16th of October at 16:00 hours via Zoom meeting live-streamed […]

Our next ATPL promotion will begin on the 19th of October

The presentation of the course will be a couple of days earlier: on Friday the 16th in Madrid and Thursday the 15th in Seville We have taken every measure in our hand in order to ensure a safe environment for all our students ATPL course AEROTEC pilot school next ATPL course will begin on the […]

AEROTEC becomes an official Tecnam maintenance center

Our part 145 workshop receives Tecnam’s blessing in order to become an official maintenance center AEROTEC is now allowed to revise, repair and provide in-house maintenance to all the Tecnam aircraft of its fleet Tecnam AEROTEC pilot school has finally been recognized by aircraft manufacturer Tecnam as an authorized maintenance center. Said certification allows us […]

Two new Tecnam P2008 aircrafts join AEROTEC’s fleet

They landed at Cuatro Vientos airport on the 11th of June, after a long journey from their factory located in Southern Italy These new single-engine aircraft will be employed on ab initio training Tecnam P2008 AEROTEC pilot school welcomes two new members into our fleet: The EC-NJB & the EC-NJC, two Tecnam P2008 aircraft that […]

AEROTEC’s new aircraft lands safely at Cuatro Vientos airport

Said aircraft it’s the TECNAM P2006T, a state of the art twin engine equipped with Garmin 1000 AEROTEC pilot school welcomes its most modern airplane TECNAM P2006T AEROTEC’s most modern aircraft landed safely on Cuatro Vientos landing strip on the 12th of July 2019 at 21:20 hours. Said aircraft is a Tecnam P2006T registration code […]

Amapa & Aerotec celebrates the International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Members of  AEROTEC pilot school met with the children of the NGO AMAPA and invited them to spend the evening at the cinema The International Day of Persons with Disabilities takes place on the 3rd of December all around the globe The past weekend, AEROTEC pilot school collaborated with the association of disabled people, fathers, mothers […]