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The European Union will harmonize drone laws

The European Union will harmonize drone laws
1 March, 2018 Eduardo Marques

The European Union will harmonize drone laws

Individual countries will still legislate drones with a weight of 25 Kg or less

Spain will update its current drone laws with new measures that allows for a more flexible, more controlled operation

RTVE News filming crew visited AEROTEC on the past Monday 26th of March in order to inform about the recent changes on drone laws.

Said changes revolves around EU mandated law harmonization. The European Union will be now legislate over those drones that weights 25 Kg or more. However, individual nations will keep making the rules for those unmanned aerial vehicles with less of 25 Kg of weight, which account for the bulk of the drone market.

Meanwhile, Spain will keep changing its laws in order to accommodate to this ever-changing technology, and AEROTEC and its partners, ADTS Group, will reflect said changes of legislation on their drone courses. Chief among these changes, there will be a national drone register, as well as a national drone pilot license system similar to those of conventional aircraft pilots.


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