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Alejandro Marqués

Alejandro Marqués
29 August, 2017 Eduardo Marques

Aerotequeros por el mundo

Alejandro Marqués, piloto de Openskies

So what’s your name?
Alejandro Marqués Collado.

What was your promotion at AEROTEC?
I was once a student of AEROTEC’s 49th promotion in Madrid.

Where are you working nowadays?
After going trough many different companies I am currently working as a B757 / 767 co-pilot at Opensky, a “high cost” British Airways franchise.

Where do you work and live now?
I am stationed at Paris, but I live in Madrid and jump between Madrid and Paris 2 or 3 times per month.

What’s the thing that you liked the most about AEROTEC?
The warmth and expertise of every single AEROTEC instructor. Theoretical teachers, MCC pilots, flight instructors… all of them are top notch.

What’s the thing that you like the most about your life as a pilot?
The flexibility and variety of opportunities. This is my fourth company and country! Which other profession would give you these chances? I have traveled trough half the world, and I will probably end up traveling the other half too!

Which advice would you give to those who wants to become a pilot?
Advice, you say? Watch and learn all you can, everything counts! Have an open mind, remember that ours is an universal, worldly profession, one that demands you to be constantly adapting to new knowledge, people, cultures and circumstances.

Of all the things that you have learnt at AEROTEC, which is the thing that was the most useful for you?
Ufff, everything! But the MCC is really, really important, guys!


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